Thursday, February 08, 2007

Keith Green's 7 Years of No Compromising

Seven years. That's how long Keith Green lived as a Christian before he died from a plane crash 25 years ago. But God used him to impact lives of many, and to this day, his legacy continues to inspire thousands of people to draw closer to God.

My husband and I watched a documentary of his life story, and we were touched by how he held nothing back to live out the Gospel. He could live a very comfortable life making lots of money from his albums and concerts. Instead, he cancelled the contract he had with a record company so he could give away his albums for free, and he refused to charge anything for his concerts. He took in anyone in need, to a point that his house is so full there're people sleeping in their garage, even when he was raising a young family. All his songs and messages points to God, and urged people to live out their faith. He had truly lived out the title of his 2nd album: No Compromise.

Now I need to ask myself: What do I hold back? What have I compromise in my faith? Am I willing to be used by God in anyway, or only when it's within my comfort zone?

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