Monday, April 16, 2007

Parenting the "God's Way?"

There are many controversies on parenting issues, even within the Christian circles. I always get wary when books claim their way of parenting is the "God's way", and being dogmatic about it rather than presenting it as wisdom. I believe the Bible has given us principles on parenting, which is to discipline, guide and love them. But applications can vary from culture to culture, family to family and child to child.

The quote I recently found that is most useful is from Debi Pearl. Ironically, I disagree with many of her ideas. On breastfeeding and co-sleeping, she wrote on her web site:

"Learn all you can from all points of view and then throw it all out and do what works best for you. Relax. Don’t chose sides and fight it out. It is not Bible doctrine. In departing from someone’s system you need not feel guilt or pride."

I like to add that parenting should be done on our knees, praying constantly for wisdom for parenting, and regeneration for our children. Because while we can modify behaviors, true transformation can only come from the Holy Spirit.

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