Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pink and Blue

The other day I was talking away to my husband, who was trying his best not to fall asleep. All of a sudden his face light up and exclaimed:

"Oh wow! You're going pink on me!"

Say what? He was referring to the video marriage conference we went to, Love and Respect. On the topic of how men and women operate differently, the speaker talked about how women (pink) sometimes talk in spiderweb. That is when we start talking about a point, but takes lots of detours before finishing it. (watch the video, it's hilarious!) Boy! I was totally doing that!

The major points of the conference:
• Men and women operate very differently.
• A wife needs to feel love and a husband needs to feel respect.
• Without love she reacts without respect, and without respect he reacts without love, hence the Crazy Cycle.
• Both love and respect should be given unconditionally.
• Whoever is more mature should be the one to break the Crazy Cycle.

I had a few "a-ha!" moments at this conference, and while this theory will not save every marriage, I believe it can change many for the better. I personally have witnessed how the Crazy Cycle can destroy a marriage, leaving both parties bitter, angry and hurt.

I still "spiderweb" when I talk, but I'm more aware of it now.

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