Thursday, July 10, 2008

All Theology Roads Lead to Romans?

Paul the Apostle's letter to the Romans has a special place in my heart. Not only it's because I love learning about theologies, and this letter is loaded with them. But also it was the book that was preached on when I became a Christian. When the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to understanding some of the doctrines taught there I had no choice but to surrender my life to this amazing God and His gospel.

The way Paul wrote the letter reminded me of how master film directors who don't waste a frame of film nor a line that doesn't further the plot nor character development. There is no "filler" verse in the letter. Studying more than a few verses at a time would surely set my head spinning.

My women's Bible study group has spent about four months studying the first five chapters. My plan is to review them this summer before we continue in the Fall so I can have a really good solid understanding. I pray that what I learn will not only satisfy my quest for knowledge of God, but through that, I'll draw closer to God.

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