Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Politics of MacGyver

"In 1991, the conservative Media Research Center named "MacGyver" one of the ten most "liberally biased" TV shows of the 1990-1991 season because of its focus on the environment, gun control, and foreign affairs." MacGvyer Online

So when did focus on the environment become a political issue? And spinning off on that, when is ANY issue become political? I found issues can be social, moral, military, foreign affairs and such. But when an issue becomes political, it clouds people's judgment and motives. I suspect sometimes, if most times, politicians oppose whatever the other party suggested, without considering if the idea has any merit or not. One could disagree with an issue within the party, but is pressured to follow along. Sometimes I think, politicians and voters alike, are too focused on insulting the other party to think of constructive solutions for problems in our country.

Maybe it's better to eliminate all political parties, and everyone runs for the office as independent. That way the candidates can truly states their stands on issues without the the distraction and the dirt of politics. But I guess the founding fathers did have a point about setting up our current governing system–to prevent anyone nor any group of people gaining too much power. For a country made up of imperfect and fallible humans, this is probably the best system to have.

At least we have something to forward to: when God establishes His Kingdom here at the end of the time we'll have one leader, one ruler that we all know can't be wrong on ANY issue. And we won't have to debate to death about them.

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