Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Swiss Army Knife Show

I feel dorky to admit that lately I've been watching MacGyver on the CBS website. The viewing began for nostalgia's sake, but now I think it's actually a pretty good TV show. Sure, it can be campy at times, and Richard Dean Anderson, as handsome as he is, his mullet in the later seasons is still hard for me to get used to. But the show is smart, clean, and surprisingly, I can learn a thing or two about science. Do you know that you can break a light bulb with drain cleaner? Yes it really works! Remember that next time you need to escape from various thugs!

I watched MacGyver during my teenage years when it first aired. Soon I had my heart set on getting my own Swiss Army Knife, which my doting daddy complied. Though I hardly use it, I still think it's something everyone should have.

But as I find out more about the show now, questions on political and social issues were raised. Boy, I can't just enjoy a TV show without going into those topics, can I?

To be continued...

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tim said...

It was a dissention betwee Hamilton and Jefferson that created the two party system. When the constitution was created, there was no intent of a two party system. This develped when major difference of ideas arose. It was thought that these two systems would distribute power among many and to help avoid kingly rule like much of the governments prior to the US.