Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to "normal"?

So today comes January 2nd, the day when most people go back to work. While I'm sure it's wonderful for most people during the span of holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year, to spend times with family and friends, eat big meals and party, it's kind of a relief to go back to the routine.

Today would be a good day to celebrate Christ's birth, instead of December 25th. While I love all the festivities of Christmas: the decorations, the gatherings, the songs, the gifts exchanges, even the cheesiest Christmas sweaters, they're too much distractions from the true meaning of Christmas. If Christians pick another day to celebrate Christ's birth, and on that day, we'd worship, pray and meditate, then on December 25th everyone can say all the "happy holidays" they want. Even "merry Christmas" sounds shallow to me. I don't recall in the Bible Paul greeting his fellow Christians "merry" nor "happy." How about wishing each other peace and joy?

Not that I can rid Christmas off my mind any time soon. My 2-year-old, in all his cuteness, still belts out " O Come, all ye Faithful" everyday.

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