Monday, January 15, 2007

What're Your Distractions?

(Tribune photo by Jim Prisching)
It's the football playoff season. My husband is excited to have his team going for another round. If they win one more game they'll be going to Superbowl.

I'm no sports fan, but I do enjoy watching a game or two occasionally. I can't quite understand how some people can live and breath sports. They take the results of games personally, even though they are not employed by or associated with the team in any way. Is it because they have nothing else in their life that is as exciting? Is it because they need escapes from their daily life so much and so badly? Do they have any other people or causes that they can root for as much as "their" team? Unless you or someone you know work for the team, I think sports are really just entertainment. It's really just a game. Chill out.

But it's not just sports. It can be any hobby. Some people spend lots of time, money and energy on cars, and I spend way too much money on cameras and too much time on the internet. All these are fun and fine, as long as they don't interfere with nor distract us from our real purpose in life, since even the best photo ever of my kids has no eternal value.

Now you DO know what your purpose in life are, don't you? (Surprise! It's not about you!)

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