Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Designer

Once again, I am amazed.

The design of the relationship between mothers and their children are brilliant. I'm amazed at how God leads mothers to instantly fall in love with their newborns, and how He provides them with milk, so the babies can eat AND bond at the same time. How efficient is that! And how babies feel most secure as they navigate the world in their mothers' arms. As rewards for the sleep-deprived, God brings on those sweet baby smiles to melt our hearts.

Even after they've grown into toddlers, they remain cute to minimize our head-banging on the wall, when for the nineteenth time, they insist on pouring the milk themselves and end up pouring half a gallon of it on the floor.

On this Mother's Day (and everyday after), let's remember the creator of mothers and children, and give Him the praise and worship He so deserve.

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