Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Election Questions

Let's say in a Presidential election, it is Candidate A versus Candidate B. With Candidate A, there are 5 values that I disagree, whereas with Candidate B there are 3.

If I vote for B, hoping if he/she wins at least I'll get 2 values into the White House, does that mean I endorse the 3 values that I don't agree with?

Or should I not vote at all, risking A carry all his/her 5 values (or lack of) to be the leader of this country?

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Rob and Becky said...

great question, one that many of "us" are thinking about. As I wrestle with this, it seems to me that voting is not an option, it is my duty. Another thought, I am trying to focus on what I do agree with, not that which I do not. Having said that, it seems we are also put in a position to decide how much we value a value. For instance, value A might have a higher value then value B. Very tough. The reality is, I will never agree with someone 100%, unless it is me. hmmm, maybe I should run...wouldn't that be funny?!