Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Outlaw Country

Imagine if you broke a law, for example, you robbed a bank. I'd think if you didn't get caught, you'd thank your lucky stars and go enjoy your loot. You wouldn't think of getting together with other bank robbers and march on the streets and demand rights.

But wait! This is America! Apparently if you gather enough people that broke the same law, and have politicians that have no backbone, not only you won't get punished for breaking the law, but actually you might get reward for that.

This is the case for illegal immigrants. How can we maintain respect for the law, when we allow them to scoff at it? Before the bar of justice, shouldn't we all be accountable for disobeying the law?

But what about compassion and mercy? After all, as Christians we are called to love our neighbors. America does have legal immigration available, even though the system is flawed. We can also have aid and missionaries sent to countries in need.

I know this issue does not have an easy solution, as the problem has never been properly dealt with and has grown into a monstrous size. But the basics, like securing the borders, discouraging companies from hiring illegals residents, and offer help to fight poverty in poor countries, can at least slow down the population growth of the illegal residents.

As a legal immigrant, I filled out all the paperwork, paid all the fees, and lined up at the crack of dawn outside the immigration office building. I say it's all worth it. I consider my US citizenship a blessing from God and I'm very thankful for it. Let's pray that we can find ways to balance justice and compassion, quickly.

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